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Van der Spoel has been a family business since 1983, with our no-nonsense attitude we are always there for you! We work completely according to the wishes of our customers, which means that the industrial automation is truly tailor-made. We have no overhead due to large offices, so we can switch quickly, devise solutions and get in touch with you.​

Ewout van der Spoel | +31 (0)6 461 88 119 |

Tim van der Spoel | +31 (0)6 815 181 78 |

Jitka van der Spoel | +31 (0)6 27 27 24 82 |

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Many companies managed to find us and nowadays they are satisfied users of our industrial automations. Due to our many years of experience in industrial automation, we know what to do. We like to think along with you and solve the problems that you are facing. Feel free to contact us or request a quotation.

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